Weye Feye
Weye Feye is to connect the mobile phone through WIFI, which is allowed users to look over its live view smoothly through mobile app, and help users to shoot the particular angles in various personalized ways.
Weye Feye is a camera accessory, which is provided to Digital Single Lens Reflex (DSLR) for professional photographers. Users can remotely control Weye Feye via mobile phone through WIFI; change these shooting parameters such as ISO, shutter speed, aperture size, and so on. They can quickly capture the scene through it, viewing, download and share high-definition photos to social networks. 
There are three different instillation ways to use Weye Feye. The first one is placing on hot shoe, which users can operate it while they don’t use flashing light. The second is to instill in the button of camera or handle. Then, users can shoot images by holding it. The third one is placing it between the cameras with tripod.
Created by X-TremeVideo, XSories is a brand with deep roots in the extreme sports industry. Taking advantage of 17 years of distribution, XSories has great experience and knowledge of the extreme sports market.
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