Power House
Power House is a charging station, which can charge two mobile phones and two iPad simultaneously. It can be a cell phone support, USB HUB, collection of data cables, and art decoration.
The” Power house” can be used in bedroom and office. It can charge two mobile phones and two tablets in the same time. Meanwhile, it can be the mobile support, USB HUB, data cable storage, and art decoration. Four data cables can be hided by Velcro. One of the four data cables will take to connect USB Hub with mobile phone when charging. It also can be the support while the mobile phone is charging, and watching online video in the same time. The key point is to charge multi electrical devices, storage data cables, and one beautiful art piece when it does not use. The biggest challenge is to organize different demands from users and develop the idea into this project. The function includes supporting mobile phones, collecting data cables, being an art piece. We try to use less ABS as we can, and the colorful silicone rubber caps are used to cover the white glossy ABS body, and decorated the white main part. The “Power house” of manufacturing cost is quiet low. Meanwhile, it provides users a fully color of visible feeling by three similar color collocation.

Design show