Handheld 3-Axis Camera Gimbal Stabilizer
Client:Snoppa Technology Co.,Ltd
Flexibility and Freedom to Shoot with GoPro. Designed for GoPro, it is the first hand-held gimbal with integrated controls to simultaneously control GoPro and the gimbal.Using the Snoppa Go will completely transform your videos and change the way you capture memorable scenes and action sports forever.
Products use Snoppa self-developed triaxial stabilization algorithm technology, can effectively compensate the natural shaking of the arm, keep the balance of the camera and smooth transition. Now you can follow any action and capture smooth shots with ease.
Can be simply charged through micro USB port besides the joystick.built-in Led light.Easy and Flexible control .Small in size.Light in Weight.Well stability. Compatible with a variety of camera.Product features simple operation and easy maintenance and Much cheaper than mechanical stabilizer,and ,low in energy consumptin.
CNC and plastic injection molding.
The design of the Snoppa Go fully shows the result of technology and art. Metal body and combined with silica gel set of handle, considering the importance of industrial design and ergonomics, motor scale above reflect exquisite details of the design. Overall design gives people a feeling of soft coexist, both reflect the product knowledge, has highlighted the designer for the pursuit of unique originality of the product.


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