Medicine cart
The medicine cart cannot only distribute the oral medicine, but can also be used for mobile infusion. Nowadays hospitals advocate quality care and primary nursing. As a nurse can only take care of a limited number of patients, for example, in Shenzhen Municipal People`s Hospital, one nurse takes care of two wards, and sharing one medicine cart. 
Before our design processes, the designers investigated several representative hospitals in Shenzhen such as Peking University Shenzhen Hospital, Futian People`s Hospital, Nanshan People`s Hospital, Shenzhen Second People`s Hospital, etc., learnt their experiences and improving demands by using the medicine cart, we re-define the design of this new medicine cart. Firstly, influenced by the advanced Scandinavian design philosophy, the minimalist design concept infiltrates in the cart function, different drugs can be placed different colors of drawer panels, making nurses work quickly and easier. In top of the medicine cart, there are movable medicine boxes, which are convenient for nurses to classify the drugs in the visible range. The cart can move longitudinal or lateral convenient, the handrail also makes people feel nice and comfortable.

Design show