Munich Creative Design Week,experience design on every side2013-02-26

2013 Munich Creative Design Week (MCBW) was held in Munich, capital of Bavaria, Germany from February 17th to 25th.
This MCBW, organized by Bayern Design, co-organized by iF International Forum Design has over 100 different types of multi-level creative activities such as conferences, forums and exhibitions, etc., providing a comprehensive global design feast for more than 3000 people from world creative and business field.
As one of the world`s leading design events, the annual MCBW happens to meet 60-year anniversary celebration of iF design award this time. Over 1000 branding enterprises, thousands of designers gathered in Munich to attend the workshops, seminars, international professional exhibitions, visits, new product release meetings, international conferences and iF Design Night, which can be described as the largest design event ever.