Rockin’Roller Pro
Rockin’Roller Pro同样延续Monster家族的DNA一如既往的强悍外表。在铁网处的设计亮点,让产品看起来户外感更强。集成了麦克风系统,调音台,收音机,USB,SD卡和蓝牙播放器等丰富的音频播放模式。更加贴心的在把手位置增加了放置麦克风的卡位,让你随时随地畅享音乐!音箱功率达到80W,超强的电池续航能力可供持续播放音乐达100小时,如此强大的功能可以让你身处任何地方都可以享受音乐。机身稳固的提手,可收缩手柄和坚固轮子使得它能够更容易地移动,两侧开仓设计提供额外的储物空间。
Rockin`Roller Pro also continues the Monster family DNA as always powerful appearance. The front metal mesh adds a shock design made a detailed processing in the process of metal mesh so that the product looking outdoor feeling stronger. Integrated microphone systems mixer radio USB SD card and bluetooth players enrich audio playback mode. More intimate that the handle position adds a card slots to place microphone so you enjoy music anytime anywhere! Speaker power up to 80W superior battery life for continuous music playback up to 100 hours such powerful feature lets you can enjoy the music in anywhere. The solid handle body retractable hand shank and sturdy wheels make it easier to move and provide additional storage space on both sides of the opening design.

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